Make your own electronic loyalty cards.

Electronic Loyalty Cards

Your customers will never loose their loyalty cards again. With PassRocket they keep your loyalty card conveniently in the Apple Passbook app on their iPhone.

How does it work

You need an account with PassRocket which is free. Then just download the PassRocket app, select a pass template and let your customers know. It takes less then 60 seconds to create a pass with PassRocket. 

You can instantly share passes via Facebook or Twitter or send them via email or put a link on your website. We see that the best way to share your passes is to post the link on your Facebook page.

Super easy for your customers

Your loyalty card will be a Passbook pass and your users can keep the pass in the Apple Passbook app on their phone. When they come to your store and make a purchase they present their pass using the Passbook app and you just scan it. It's as easy as getting an electronic boarding pass scanned.

Scanning with PassRocket

The PassRocket app is also a scanner.

There is no need to buy a separate scanner or a special device. All you need is a iOS device. You can use an iPhone, iPad or the most cost effective solution is an iPod Touch 4th Generation. You can even use the iPod to play music at the same time,

Small and Medium Retailers

PassRocket is like a revolution in retail. Small and medium retailers can now have their own loyalty cards. 

Food Truck

As a food truck owner you can create cards while you are on the road. You could even send out a special card to your customers depending on the current season, weather or part of the city your serve food. 


Many of our customers are Cafes or Bakeries. Coffee shop owners love the simplicity of PassRocket and the speed with how the passes can be scanned. 

Most cafés let the customers scan their pass while handling the payment for the coffee.

The picture above shows a more sophisticated café that put the iPod touch into t a wooden stand. Their customer love it.

Your shop

Hop on board and join the growing number of businesses using PassRocket.