What's Passbook and what is PassRocket?

Apple Passbook is a free application on iOS and is installed on all iPhones (iOS6 and later). Apple Passbook is organising a user's loyalty cards, coupons, concert tickets, movie passes, airline tickets -and eventually- it could replace your wallet. Passbook is a simple solution for loyalty cards. PassRocket is an easy way for Retailers and businesses to get onboard Passbook.

What's the benefit for my customers?

A customer with an iPhone expects vouchers, loyalty cards and boarding passes to be stored in their Passbook app. It's super convenient and they cannot forget the passes as they are always with them on their phone. 

A message pops up on your customers' phone reminding them about your store. The customer drops in to have a quick shop.

They make a purchase, open their passbook app, you scan the discount voucher barcode and transaction is complete.

How does it work? 

1. You design your own loyalty card for free

2. We send you a link assigned to your store and loyalty card

3. Your customer opens this link on their iPhone and your loyalty card is in their Passbook application

4. When your customer is walking past your store, they get a notification on their iPhone about the discount voucher from your store (it disappears again, so it’s not annoying)

5. Your customer comes into your store to use their discount voucher

6. Scan the unique barcode on their loyalty card (with an iPod touch or iPhone scanning application)

How much does it cost?

The basic service (scanning loyalty cards) is free within reasonable usage (up to 1000 scans a month). This should allow you to see whether it works for your business.

If PassRocket works for you and your customers you may want to see how many loyalty cards have been installed and how many have been scanned every day.  Upgrade and join the growing number of business using PassRocket analytics to get insight. Login to your PassRocket account and upgrade now or check the pricing first.

How do my customers get my cards?

Once you have your PassRocket account. you can then download the PassRocket App for free in the Apple AppStore. With the PassRocket app you can create loyalty card that works with Apple PassBook. 

Your customer can get your pass and add it to their Passbook app by doing one of the following:

  • When a customer comes into your store they can scan a QR code with their Passbook app on iPhone and the pass will installed,  just as you designed it. This is by far the most convenient way for your customers.
  • You can post a link to your pass on facebook or twitter and your customers can open a link with their iPhone to add your pass to their Passbook app.
  • Send out a link to your pass with your next email newsletter.

What do I need to get started?

You need 3 things. First, you need an account with PassRocket. Second, you need an iPod touch or iPhone. Third, you need the free PassRocket app to design your businesses loyalty card and scan customers barcodes.

What are the risks?

Passbook only runs on the iPhone or iPod touch.

You will need an iPhone or iPod touch to scan your customers barcodes. The scanner is just another app, so you don’t need a new device specifically for scanning - it could be the same device you use for music in your store.

Why is it worth changing to Passbook?

Passbook brings customers into your store (Passbook notifies your customers about the discount or sale in your store when they are in the proximity of your shop. Not in an irritating way though - it disappears if they choose to walk past).

Analytics for your business (We collect useful analytics on your customers in a simple format to help you determine better engagement strategies and improve your business).

Simple for your customers (Your customers can’t lose the vouchers. Scanning speeds up purchases and provides an easy, positive customer experience).

Passbook is brand new (We think it’s great being part of new technology as it evolves, helping determine and reach it’s potential).