Using iBeacons in Retail

iBeacons is a technology that is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).In their Keynote at the word-wide developer conference Apple has mentioned iBeacon. So, it's save to assume that Passbook will probably use iBeacon as a technology for location awareness and not just GPS.

With the current Passbook GPS feature a Passbook pass will show up on the user's lock-screen when they are close to a retailer's location. That's great but can be quite overwhelming if a user has many passes in the Passbook app and the businesses are clustered in the close location.

With iBeacon / BLE the location awareness can be much more accurate. The pass will only come up if the user is really close to the shop. In a busy shopping mall that approach is much more useful for the customer.

So when a customer walk-passes a retail shop it will pop up the pass on the phone's lock-screen.

With PassRocket we will tap into this new location feature.

Here are some things that will be possible.

Customers can see the shop and the offers before they arrive. A customer goes into a shopping mall. The customers will be able to see retailers who are on the PassRocket system right on their phone. With iBeacon PassRocket can extend the retailer's shopping window deep into the shopping mall. This is possible because the PassRocket app will act as an iBeacon and send out information to devices close-by.

Customers can receive specials right on their phone as they walk along. With iBeacon we can guide the user straight to the retailer's store front.

Shopping mall navigation A shopping mall could give out iBeacon devices to all retailers in the mall. These devices can be used to enable in-door navigation that does not require GPS. This way customers could see on a map where the stores are and can easily navigate around. As a nice side-effect each store could send out specials and promotional info the customers in the mall if a customer has selected to receive specials/ads.

In-store navigation A larger store could have iBeacon devices in multiple sections of their store. This way a customer could navigate between departments and find the product they are after.

Outdoor festivals Similar to shopping mall navigation an outdoor event such as a music festival or farmer's market could use iBeacons to let customer's know where to go.

Museums and art galleries A museum could use iBeacon devices in the different sections of the museum. The museum visitor could then easily navigate. The iBeacon devices could even be placed close to the artwork itself. This way the visitor could get close to the artwork and information about the artwork could be send directly to the visitor's phone.

Points of interest So, basically, any point of interest could have an iBeacon device and let user's receive information about he object.

PassRocket and iBeacon Be assured that we are already working on integrating iBeacon into PassRocket. This means that as a PassRocket business your will be able to get one of the most innovative solutions for your retail business.