Digital Marketing and Passbook

Many of our customers do an excellent job in combining digital marketing effort with Passbook. Here are some trends we see how Passbook is used in digital marketing. Facebook and Passbook

Customers who have developed a loyal Facebook community have a great channel to tell their fans about any offers and specials. We can see that posting their PassRocket loyalty cards on Facebook works really well. In fact we can see that businesses who posted their loyalty cards on Facebook have the best uptake and most Passbook users.

Twitter and Passbook

Some of the niche retail businesses who use PassRocket as a loyalty card are very successful on Twitter and have created a large number of followers. For those businesses it is important to create campaigns quickly. They use the PassRocket template store to change the look and feel of a loyalty card based on the campaign they are currently running. A cafe now offering great cupcakes can switch the look and feel of their cards to our popular cupcake theme.

Email campaigns

The good old email campaigns seem to work still very well. Businesses using services like MailChinp to send out newsletters. It's super easy to add a Passbook pass to those emails and a great way to make loyalty cards available to customers.


Realtime marketing - people want to know what's important right now. Sending out a twitter message with the latest offer can be very effective to mobile the followers.

Location based - Passbook is a great tool to bring the business into the user's mind when they are close to the business. The businesses using PassRocket with location-aware passes have a significantly higher conversion rate.

Event based - When a retail campaigns is related to a real-word event then the campaign has an increased relevance for the customer. Getting a discount before or after a spots event needs a quick way to promote the offer. Again, Facebook and Twitter are a good way to attached a Passbook coupon.

Personalised - Some businesses are able to contact their customers individually through social media or good old email. A personalised offer is an effective way to reward influencers (e.g. customers with a high Klout score) and get then talking about the business.

Conclusion Passbook and social media go really well together. With PassBook we enable any business to add Passbook to their digital marketing approach.

Based on the successful integration of Passbook and social media with our PassRocket solution we have decided to create a partner program. We now offer a partner program for digital agencies and integrators who want to do more with Passbook. Get on it today.