With a passion for retail

Who we are

PassRocket is a brainchild of jTribe Labs. We are a mobile innovation hub who invest their time to engineer mobile solutions that make a difference. jTribe Labs first project was an augmented reality Easter egg hunt that combined real world scavenger hunts with mobile based social gaming. The latest product, PassRocket, was inspired by Apple’s latest release, Passbook on iOS 6.

Lean Startup

Inspired by Eric Ries and the Lean Startup movement, jTribe Labs has developed PassRocket in phases with the first version of PassRocket released in Sep 2012. 

Encouraged by how well PassRocket was received by customers and the media we now have extended and redesigned the product in March 2014.

With the latest PassRocket version we have added some features our customers have asked for. The key feature is analytics that lets businesses track their loyalty cards.


Passbook is an app by Apple and comes installed with any iPhone. Passbook manages your loyalty cards, tickets, gift vouchers, coupons, tickets, boarding passes and more. Several big names have already announced their commitment to Passbook. Virgin Australia, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, American Airlines, Wal-Mart, Target, Best-Buy and Accesso are some of the first companies to come onboard. Our app, PassRocket, will help any business be part of Passbook too.

What’s next

The future potential of PassRocket will be partly influenced by what is released with the Passbook app. For now, jTribe Labs want PassRocket to be the solution that makes Passbook available to every business.

We believe that Passbook is going to change retail forever.